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Furniture "La Misión de San Diego"

From this uncomparable city called Marbella (Malaga) Spain, bathed  by the smooth water of the mediterraneam sea, surrounded and protected by a chain of small mountains with it´s famous "Concha", which gives us the privilege of enjoying the best microclimate in the world. Juan Villalba Muñoz (founder and owner) and all the human staff which forms this company wants to thank everbody who visits our web page for their  attention and for these important minutes they dedicate.

History - retrospective view

My beginnings in the transformation of wood began 40 years ago, with another collegue, taking a part of our free time, we began the fabrication of furniture for decoration.

It was when Marbella had not reached yet the levels and importance it has nowadays.

It was a real pleasure to work for prestigious personalities like: Mr. Jaime Parlade, Mr. Ciafiris, Menchu, Donald Gray ..., they woke up in me a very important feeling referring the furniture with quality and style.

In 1967, i reached, after hard work and tenacity, to found my own campany for the production of wood.

Years passed by with satisfaction and a lot of trouble, everybody knows all the trouble caused by the last economy crisis in the coast; but as we normally say in spanish: There is no bad thing lasting 100 years, and thanks god, it passed; we also want to thank the Junta of Andalucia for helping us to get through.

In a casual meeting with Mr. Goroni, a great decorator and magnificient designer, and after a very prolific conversation, both we where in agreement, even knowing we where living difficult times, it would be important and interesting to create a different type of furniture with style and tradition for everyday use.

Marbella was coming up again  and this was the moment to start with something new.

In 1994, this new company was founded, young because of it´s beginnings but with the experience of 40 years of dedication working with wood.

Our furniture elaboration is totally artisanal, we use exclusively natural wood, principally pine from sweden or red pine; our exclusive designs are based on spanish style furniture brought to america in the 17th century. We don´t economize the inclusion of any detail which could give value to our furniture and the finishings are polished in different tones with time honoured terminations according to traditional use.

"Furniture La Misión de San Diego, S.L."  wants to thank everybody who in any moment unconditionally helped to achieve our success.

Marbella, january 2001.